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In a world where 7.5 billion people live, how is it possible that chickens more than triple that? What kind of people take pride in raising and caring for these beautiful animals? With curiosity being the driving force, I explored chickens of all different natures in the Northwest Indiana region. Some of the birds were raised for the resources they can provide, some for the learning opportunities that come with raising a living thing, and some for the idea of pride and sport.


Pecking Order is a body of work that encompasses these ideas. It also displays how I chose to learn about them and teach others through a documentary style of photography using large format film and printing by hand in the darkroom. When the audience looks at my images, I hope they see an honest encounter of myself with my subjects as I immersed myself in their world to capture these moments in time; to make sense of it all. There is so much to be learned about these creatures and the people who raise them, and my mission with this project is to bridge the gap and tell their story.

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